Films By Ethan brostedt

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A short I produced during my wife’s Cover Shoot for Santa Barbara Magazine Winter 2013 

Hinges: An 8mm Avante Garde film by Ethan Brostedt 1999 

Abalone And Resin: A film by Ethan Brostedt 2004

Workhorse Jewelry Campaign: Behind The Scenes by Ethan Brostedt 2012

Onion City: Malibu Summer 2004 by Ethan Brostedt

Barracuda: The Stolen Film; 8mm found footage embellished by Ethan Brostedt 

Eardrop: by Ethan Brostedt

Hawaiian Vacation: Found 16mm Footage with a twist by Ethan Brostedt

Sea Lion Voyage: A film by Ethan Brostedt Point Dume, CA

Johnny Gone Crazy: A film about downhill Skating  by Ethan Brostedt 2001


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